My trip to Europe | Lisbon for a night

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Vustago and I + amazing cider

After spending the early afternoon in Madrid and almost losing my flight, it was time to go to Lisbon. My flight was delayed a few minutes and the pick-up was slow. I usually do not mind waiting, but I had a friend of mine waiting for me at the airport. By the way, Vustago, if you’re reading this, thanks for picking me up ❤

As soon as I arrived, we put money in the subway ticket he lent me and we suffered a little carrying the suitcase and going up the cobblestone streets of Lisbon (little did we know we would suffer much more on my way back to return to Brazil). We were on our way to Julinha’s house, my friend since I was 16 years old that moved to Portugal and became one of the people I miss the most. Vustago, a friend of São Paulo, also moved to Lisbon to do the double degree. At least he knows that he’ll be there for two years (well, now one to go only), but Julinha, I doubt she’ll ever come back.


Julinha wearing the tee my dad made her (:

And as if these two people were not enough to make me cross an ocean to find them, Lola, another friend from Rio who moved to Denmark, said she would go to Portugal to see Julinha and I. It would be the trip of my life.

When I arrived at Julinha’s house, I was undoing my luggage and giving her what her mother had sent through me. I also put together the small carry on bag I borrowed from Julinha to take to France. As I would do an internal flight, I would not check in suitcases and would have to fit clothes for 13 days of traveling in a handbag ahhaha.

After packing everything, I cannot remember, but I think we went to eat at the “Merendeira”, a restaurant at Ribeira. Simply my favorite place in the universe to eat. I wish I had something similar in Brazil 😦 but basically, for almost 6 euros, you buy a chorizo bread, green broth, a glass of sangria (or juice or soda) and a sweet rice! The coffee there is also amazing and it comes with a little dessert and for only 70 cents ahahhaha. After eating, we went to Adamastor, a very beautiful observatory, but friends just told me that recently they put a wall there 😦



We bought a cider that is VERY GOOD – certainly one of Portugal’s biggest homesicknesses – and we stayed there, talking, seeing the sunset and listening to Brazilian music since Portugal is full of brazilians hahaha. I met many of the people who lived with Julinha, incredible people by the way ❤ and there was still an Italian there who was just there haging out with us. After that we went home, spent the night drinking and talking and the Italian started making pasta for everyone ahhahaha it was delicious!! And then, out of nowhere, someone goes down to buy a drink and finds a Brazilian woman walking down the street and invites her home. She said she had just ended her engagement with an English man and told us the whole story while everyone was hanging out in the kitchen and eating italian pasta. Anyway, it was all very crazy.

We continued all of this until about 3 in the morning when I decided to sleep because I would wake up super early to catch a plane to Nantes, France. 

I had to do a post entirely dedicated to that day because it was when I began to realize how much I was going to see, how many new people I would meet, how many friends I loved I would see again in the trip. It was my first day and I had crazy stories to tell already. Also because otherwise, this post would be too long 😛

Well, I woke up early, got ready, and left for the airport for France. From here, I completely leave my comfort zone. Not only because of this but mostly for going to the first country I go without knowing the language. But that is a story for another post (:


My trip to Europe | Madrid


On July 4th, I left for Europe for the first time. It had been a year since I started raising money for this trip and, often enough, I would think that I would never make it. It was the first time I could go that far without asking my parents for money and the feeling was incredible. I started saving money since the day a friend of mine, Ludovic, left to go live in France. July 18th of 2017 to be exact. Not like it is hard to remember anyways since it’s exactly 6 months before my birthday. But at the end of the year, other needs arose such as being present at the wedding of two very special friends of mine that would also take place in France. And visiting Giulia, Gustavo and Menon, 3 very important people in my life that, fortunately or unfortunately, also live in Europe. The trip lasted, in all, 21 days; but in this post I will focus on what I lived in Madrid for 5 hours.

I left Rio on the 4th at night and arrived in Madrid around 10 am on the 5th. I had 5 hours of connection and, who knows me, knows that I would refuse to stay 5 hours waiting in an airport when there is a whole world out there to see. As soon as I got off the plane, I ran out of the airport, took the train that took me downtown and began the tour I had planned.

I started by “Puerta del Sol” which is a famous square. I took a look around, took a picture with the bear statue and left because the time was short and I had many places to go ahhaha. Soon after, I stopped at “La Mallorquina” which is a very classic confectionery in Madrid and bought a box of “moras”, typical Spanish candy. “Moras” are hard colorful sugar candies and since it was cheap and cute, I recommend buying it to give it as a gift. But if you actually want to try something nice and fancy to eat, I’d buy other things they make there. The problem is that I was in a hurry and not hungry at all because I had eaten dinner and breakfast on the plane.


Then I went to “Mercado de San Miguel” which is a very cute market and you can eat tapas that are not so expensive and well made. I ate a tapa and left for the next destination that was the “Plaza Mayor”. I confess that when I went to this square, I got very excited. I had seen so many pictures of this place on the internet while researching places to visit in Madrid that, to see it in person, was to remember all the plans and every time that I dreamed about this trip; and trembled at the thought that it might not happen. I had to take the time to sit down and try the Moras I had just bought, and even with the sun on my head, I sat there just admiring the moment. I hope one day to come back and remember the “dreaming coming true” feeling that this place brought me ❤


After enjoying the moment a little, I had to make my way to the Royal Palace of Madrid and, in that, I came across a very pretty square that, if I remember correctly, is called “Plaza de la Villa”. I liked it a lot more than Plaza del Sol to be honest and it is funny because it’s a lot less touristic. But well, I arrived at the Palace and found it super beautiful! The gardens at the front, the vibe, everything. A great place to go to have an ice cream and meet friends or read a book. Better yet if you find a shade because it was very hot and I did not see many places covered ahhaha and I was in pants. Painful.


Plaza de la Villa

Just after the Palace, I took an absurdly quick glance at the Sabatini Gardens because the time was beginning to tighten. I also passed by the square of Spain, but the monument was going through maintenance. Anyway, you could tell that the place there was very pleasant. Another great place to talk, have an ice cream and spend a while doing nothing ahhaha.

After the square, I went to 100 Montaditos to eat. For those who do not know, there is a jug of sangria for about 2 euros and over 200 types of tapas and each one costing about 1 euro; that is perfect ahahha. I stopped there and ate a couple of tapas and ordered a jug of sangria. Thankfully I did not order more because I was not hungry and the tapas fed a lot. Also, it was enough sangria to get me… hyper, let’s say ahhaha.

After eating, I basically ran down Calle Callao to get to El Corte Inglés which is a department store but that has a VERY cool view of Madrid for being such a tall building. At this point, I already felt I ran out of time. The nearest subway was the one in Puerta del Sol so I had to walk (run) there which made me spend a few minutes.


I wish I had seen more places like Debod Temple, Santa Maria Cathedral, the Zero Kilometer point, Lateral Santa Ana, Fuente de Cibeles and eating at Estado Puro Restaurant but it would be impossible to add up even one of those places in the tour. I’ll explain why.

When I left the airport, I asked with how much time in advance I would need to be back. The young man who worked there said that an hour and a half before the time of my flight. I just chose to believe that it was an exaggeration because I had already checked in, I would just go through security and get on the plane. Little did I know that Madrid had TWO exactly equal security steps, that the airport was ALWAYS full and huge. I arrived at my gate 5 minutes after my gate closed. I think the guy who worked there saw my state, saw that I was almost dying without air of so much running and despair, felt pity and let me pass. I do not think I’ve ever been so close to losing a flight in my life. I do not even want to think about how much I would have to pay if I missed that one. I do not regret leaving the airport though; I may regret being so optimistic about how much I could do in such a small time range ahhahah.

After spending five intense hours in Madrid, my destination was Lisbon for one night and then Nantes, in France. But this is part of the next chapter (:

Pre-order the future | The video that made me give up

I won’t ever forget how my mind was messed up back then. I had a pretty cool internship at a startup that I really believe in, also i loved the people I worked with, I was there already for over two years and I was making money which is always good. But on the other hand, I developed an obsession for another university. I’ll explain why this was a problem.

In Brazil, it is necessary to study a lot with total dedication to pass the exam to get into a good and public university. The fact that I was already in college – and quitting was not an option – and doing internship turned this new dream into a problem. How would I study again for this exam that would put me in that other college? How would I have time for this?

I knew I needed to get out of my internship; every time I went to work, I realized that I was just having less hours to study for this new dream and that made me unhappy. I began to cry on the way to my internship; me, who loved the company, the people and the work.

I had tried once studying while I was in college and working and I did not make it. So I realized that I had to quit to give my dream a real chance. Almost no one know this, but that was the real reason why I left. I did what I had to do because, as said in the video, if you “kinda” want something, you “kinda” get it.

Yes, I left my two and a half year internship in a time of crisis and unemployment in Brazil. I studied, did the test again and … I did not get in. Not everything in life works out in the end like in the movies. Sometimes we make the necessary sacrifices, we try everything, and it just does not happen the way we want it to. And maybe now you want to ask me if I regret leaving an internship I loved for something so uncertain and even took a year to find another, minimally decent job. I, for sure, do not.

I do not regret it because at that time I could not bear the “what if” thought. I needed to choose one and dedicate myself to it. I failed, but having tried was much more rewarding than if I had “gotten it right” and stayed. “You’ll fall many times, but who’s counting?”

I shared this video on my facebook right at the time my mind was a mess. It was not easy to give up something so certain for something so uncertain and without much support. And today facebook reminded me of that moment. It reminded me a lot how really is better to regret doing something than not doing it.

This video gave me the courage to do it, gave me the courage to give up on something that very few people would give up on, this video gave me that push to have strength in one of the most courageous decisions of my life. I wanted, somehow, to have it registered here forever. And I hope you get to give up on many things in your life too.

How I study German and French for free!


As Nelson Mandela once said, “if you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart”. I find that to be so true that I even included that quote in my ebook. I remember all the moments that I was surprised by a foreigner speaking Portuguese and how that made me feel. It is just the kind of happyness and pride that you cannot control.

Knowing about the power that communication has towards people and the world in general, I have always been a person that seeks to learn new languages or, at least, show interest in understanding how other people talk. For example, I am quite sure I will never get to learn Russian. Anyway, facing a couple Russian friends, the whole conversation around the restaurant table was guided to end with every non-Russian person trying to say those Russian phrases. Happily, I found out I’d have a good pronunciation if I ever tried to learn the language but still don’t think I can make it. The point is, if you want to get to people’s heart, it will be ten thousand times easier if you know their language. 

I have added Portuguese, English and Spanish to my fluent languages list. Now, working hard to, maybe, one day, add German and French. But since I have no time to actually go to a language school like I have done for English and Spanish, I had to find other ways to gather the knowledge.

For German, the best website I have found so far is the Deutsche Welle course. It is just so complete and amazing that you wouldn’t believe! Beside de language, you also learn several things about the German culture. I would advise you to also take a look around their website and subscribe to their email newsletter because they always send things that can improve your German, including videos that come with a script so you can read along. The course is free and levels you up to B1.2. I would like to thank my friend Paula that told me about this website.

For French, all I have is OLI course that has two free French small courses. They two, together, wil teach you the basics and will make it a little bit easier for you to understand the dynamics of the language when you start learning further. They also have other languages like Chinese.

To complement both of the courses, I use Duolingo and Children’s Book Forever to help me with reading and understanding.

I really hope this post can help you out if you’re trying to learn a new language or, at least, made you feel like doing so 😀 if you know about any other online course or just anything that is a great way to learn a new language, just comment down below! I’d love to know. See you next time, everyone ❤

The DNA Journey | A 5 minute video that will change your life

A good friend of mine gave me the suggestion to turn into blog posts the videos I featured in my ebook. I found the idea interesting since those videos really changed my view on the world and I did wish I had more room to talk about them in the ebook.

This video made me cry hard the first time I watched it, which was during the  SABF conference. It made me wonder why we have so much prejudice and hate towards diferencies and nationalities. There’s no such thing as pure race anymore and I doubt that there ever were. 

Also, it made me remember of one thing I used to not understand when I was little and I still do not understand now: who has the right to draw a line and say “this is my country and you cannot get in here if you do not have permission”? No one had the right then and no one has that right now in my honest opinion. The planet is ours (not even that because we share it with the nature and the animals), and we should be able to walk around it as often as we would like. Wouldn’t it be better to everyone? Will that ever be possible? Does anyone think like me or am I alone on this one? Such thing as country limits are so crazy to me that I can’t wait for it to be over.


A Different World | My first ebook!

cover blog.png

Last month I had the huge pleasure to be one of the 100 participants of the SABF – South American Business Forum. We all had 3 intense days, learning everything we could from the 40 leaders that were there to give us some knowledge.

I will be forever thankful to the conference and to the people that made this trip possible: the ones that, with their own money, invested on my education and trusted me to represent Brazil. As a thankful gift, I wrote this ebook sharing every little thing I learned.

I cannot believe this moment is finally here. For a whole month, I put all my time, effort and love into this project and now, I am more than proud of the result. But, of course, I did not achieve this by myself. I would like to thank Giuliana Fantauzzi that did a BRILLIANT job on the design; the ebook would not be as beautiful as it is if it was not because of you. Also, thank you Laurie, my American mother, that helped me reviewing the translation even though she was very busy back then.

Without further ado, feel free to download the ebook in the portuguese or english version and enjoy reading it as much as enjoyed writing it ❤

You can click the link to view it on Google Drive and, once you’re there, you can download it if you would like (:



Book review | Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell


Peter Nehmi, a very good friend of mine, bought this book and liked it so much that I borrowed it to read it too. I would like to point out, first, the fact that Malcolm is such a good writer! It was extremelly easy and fast to read his book but it was still very classy and full of deep knowledges.

Now, about the true subject of the book: he just destroyd the belief in meritocracy. He talks about Bill gates, Bill joy, the Beatles, the most famous Hockey Teams; he even talks about how asians are so good at math. It is unbelievable. And nothing is beucase he thinks so. There are real psychological evidences that stand up for that.

I don’t wanna give spoilers, but if you wanna know the truth about stories of success, you should read this book. It is so worth it! Now that I am done, I kinda miss it.


  1. It is more important than we think to know about our origins. it says A LOT about how we behave;
  2. 10,000 hours of practice is the only way to go if you want to be really good at something;
  3. There is always a reason why people do what they do;
  4. Yeah, you do need to be “a little” lucky to get to the point of being an outlier, but that is not the ONLY thing you need so it is still worth it to give your best;
  5. It is useless to ask how an outlier is or what are her or his habits. You will only understand how someone became all that by knowing where they came from and how was their lives in the past.

I hope you get excited to read this book and see how awesome it is! Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever read it and, if so, if you liked it or not (: